Town Walk 1 and 2 Moderate time

- 30 mins. and 50 mins.


Take the road at the side of the Mobil Service Station and use the car park at the end. Leaving your vehicle, take the Walkway through the bushes towards the sea. Stop and take in the beauty of the rugged coastline.

Follow the cliff top path and notice the large sections of sandstone cliff that have let go of their tenuous hold. In bygone years several sailing vessels met a watery grave along this coast.

On reaching the Outlet (the subject of many oil paintings) pause, and read some of the local Land Drainage History. At this point, you may take a longer route - over the walkway - or the shorter route to the right, *carrying straight on over the walkway you will shortly come to the road. Follow this keeping the sea to your left along the cliff top, at the end of which you will come to a ramp down to the beach. Take this route or carry on around to the grass and take the first wooden ramp down. Walk along the firm sand until you come to the car ramp, turn right here and carry on to the Esplanade, turn right here again and walk on past the Caravan Park and then past the conveniences and back the way you came.

On crossing the bridge at the Outlet, you may return the way you cam *or turn left and travel along the channel away from the sea for about 50 metres where you will se a track to the right, follow this track and you will come to a sealed road. (Please keep to the track as private property is either side). This is Barrowman's Drive and many interesting homes can be seen. On reaching the main road, turn right onto a walkway and follow the road to the Mobil Service Station, take this road back to your car.