Rock Fishing
Beach Fishing
Harbour Fishing
Lake Fishing
Boat Fishing
General tips

Robe has a great variety of fishing spots condensed into a relatively small area. You will find rock, beach, harbor, lake and boat fishing to choose from.

Rock Fishing ^

Salmon, Mullet, Snapper, Sweep. Best Bait: Cockles, Cray Tail, Pilchards, Red meat, Fish strips.

From the rocky area inside Guichen Bay try float fishing with light gear for sweep or one of the many rock species. There are also many suitable rock areas on the ocean side, stretching right around to Nora Creina. (A word of Caution!) Watch out for large waves and unsafe cliffs. Once again float fishing is best but heavier gear can be used if trying for salmon etc. Mullet can be fished for from the rocks near the blow hole. Snapper can also be tried for from these areas but be prepared to lose some gear through snags.

Beach Fishing ^

Salmon, Mulloway, Rays, Flathead, Snapper, small Shark, King George Whiting. Baits: Cockle (for Whiting), fish fillets, Pilchards, Squid or Octopus.

For this type of fishing longer rods are normally required but if this is not available try with what you have. Excellent surf beaches stretch from Long Gully through to Robe's lighthouse. These are fully accessible by 4WD or you can take conventional vehicles as far as possible by road and then on foot. A good beach is just south of the lighthouse and another through the rubbish tip to Evan's Beach (15 mins heavy walking).

To the north, Long Beach has a good spot for mulloway and small shark in the gutters near the third ramp.

19km north of Robe is Wrights Bay where Snapper, Flathead and King George Whiting are caught from the beach. A broken reef runs adjacent to the beach, from 10 to 100 metres off shore. (You can lose a bit of gear).

Harbour Fishing ^

Mulloway, Mullet, Salmon trout, Whiting, Flathead, Bream. Baits: Mister Twister lures (Mulloway), Pilchards, Cockles, Worm, Whitebait, Cray tails or small saltwater Yabbies (clickers) which can be pumped at very low tide from the southern end of Long Beach.

This area is a very popular spot with visitors and locals. Many fine Mulloway are caught here between September and May with many people trying for the Robe Chamber of Commerce Annual Mulloway Fishing Competition held between these months.

Lake Fishing ^

Bream. Bait: Yabbies, Prawns, White bait.

Fishing for the wiley Bream in Lake Battye, Lake Nunan or Pub Lake can be very rewarding, especially with yabbie, however Prawns and Whitebait are the best bought baits. This type of fishing is best at sunrise, sunset or on an overcast day. Bream up to 2 kg. have been caught in these areas. There are excellent spots all round these lakes that can be reached by the many tracks leading in from the road.

Boat Fishing ^

The weather are tide movement are the number one priority during the main summer months.

Conditions are generally calmer early morning, until approx. 10 a.m. SA summertime.

The wind direction usually turns anti-clockwise from day to day until it finally reaches north again and will freshen. Often on the first day of the northerly wind it drops off towards evening.

Under most conditions it is safe to fish the areas close to shore from Robe jetty to Long Beach and up to 1 km off shore. Fish that are caught in this area include Whiting, Flathead, Salmon, Mullet, Garfish and the odd Snapper.

For fishing outside this area a good sea boat of at least 15 ft. is a minimum requirement. The wind can rise very quickly and cause trouble if you are not prepared.

If, after observing the above you are doubtful about the outside sea conditions, observe the conditions from the obelisk or nearby. Then if necessary check again later to see if there is any further deterioration or improvement.

The passage outside throught the channel is due SW as you will see by observing the passage of the cray boats. Alternatively you may leave the bay by the shipping lane which is NW and can be lined up with the beacon at Sea Vu Caravan Park and One Tree Hill (Beacon Hill Lookout).

Once outside the bay, reef areas abound (Snapper and Sweep etc.). If you have an echo sounder look for the higher peaks and drop offs. If not, but there is a swell, look for "bowls". Caution: Keep well away if breaks show up on larger swells.

Drifting can also be productive in these areas, anchoring when fish are found.

Berley is a must for good fish catches. A cheaper variety can be obtained by using chicken pelleets or bran and pollard, mixed with a little tuna oil. Use on the bottom or for Garfish etc. use on the surface. Do not overfeed, use your baited hook!

Good areas for night dabbing Garfish are above weed patches, 500m straight out from the jetty, breakwater, Robe Hotel and the Sea Vu Caravan park point. The sand patches out towards Baudins Island produce excellent Whiting and Sweep are found nearer the rocks. (Great Caution!).

General tips ^

Mulloway: Like deeper gutters and bit best on a rising tide, an overcast sky and murky water, they respond best to the vibration of live bait or lures.

Evans Beach: is best when the tide is high between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. with an offshore wind (after an onshore blow).

Wrights Bay: The months between October and May are best for Snapper and Whiting. Try for these on a falling tide (Snapper also near high tide).

Flathead: Bit well an hour each side of low tide also when the moon and the tide are rising.

Surf Fishing: is most successful when dawn or dusk coincide with high tide.

Most Fish: Respond best on a rising barometer.

Estuary Fishing: Is best on a rising tide.

Beach Fishing: Two hours before high tide and one hour after.

Game Fish: On very high tides.

Whiting: On a dropping tide.

Mulloway: 2 - 4 days either side of a dodge tide.